Take it easy!

Keeping parents in mind, the Little Wave Arc is your best solution for kids who need tilt-in-space. Our Arc Tilt System (patent-pending) results in effortless repositioning and a  shorter, more maneuverable, wheelbase.


Unlike shoes, you can’t just go out and get another pair when your child outgrows their chair. So, we built in plenty of growth and offer unique programs for growing kids. We also designed the Arc with the latest high-strength, lightweight materials to make it durable.


Tilting the occupant has been made easier through an Arc shaped roller guide system helps translate the Center of Gravity throughout the tilt process.

Other Options & accessories

  • Drum brakes - Slow your roll with drum brakes on 12", 16", or 20" wheels.
  • Attendant wheel lock - Easy access to the wheel lock for the attendant.
  • Tilt options - Tilt the occupant up to 45 degrees. Single hand and foot tilt can be mounted on the left or right side.
  • Folding recline back - Convenient and fast folding of the recline back assures the smallest folded package so you can get out and go.
  • Folding adjustable handle
  • Canopy - Help shield your child from the suns harmful rays or when the sky is dark and gray
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