Jenx Multiseat indoor seat

As with all Jenx Products, The Multiseat Seating System has been created alongside therapists and carers to make sure it meets everyone’s needs. Offering highly flexible supported seating to children from around 8 years right through to adults, and up to 100kg, this is just the start of the fantastic amount of versatility provided by the Multiseat. The contoured seat unit, with memory foam insert, provides unparalleled comfort and the perfect base for true pelvic stability. The two piece back with independent lumbar support gives support exactly where it’s needed, and with both the back and seat units available in two sizes to mix and match as you need, each Multiseat system can be configured specifically to meet the proportions of the child or adult using it. A wide variety of head, trunk, leg and foot support options allow you to exactly customise every Multiseat to any individual user, whilst the deliberately open design ensures you can quickly see precisely how they are positioned each and every time!

Created with significant input from parents, the Multiseat has been carefully designed to draw attention to the user rather than the piece of equipment, making the child the star of the show! The Multiseat is a truly modular product – meaning you can choose exactly what you need for every individual child or adult and pay for just that, saving you money and giving you control. All this in addition to the adjustable back angle, tilt in space, innovative leg control options and a choice of coloured covers mean the Jenx Multiseat really does tick every box for maximum functionality, flexibility, style and value!

Ease of Transfer

Users transfer into supported seating in a variety of ways. The open design of the Multiseat, and the fact that every support pad and accessory is designed to quickly and easily flip away without being removed means transferring can be done simply and easily and with dignity. In addition, with the tilt-in-space engaged, the Multiseat gives maximum opportunities to optimise each user’s seating position first time, every time – no matter how they are transferring.

Head Support

The Multiseat has two options for head support and positioning – an oval headrest for children who require minimal support and the Multigrip™ head rest for more complex requirements. The original Jenx Multigrip™ headrest is a unique design with individual “fingers” that are adjusted to cushion, support and control almost any head position. Highly padded, removable and washable covers make Jenx Multigrip™ head supports a practical solution for almost any child.

Multigrip™ head supports are available in a range of different sizes, all including a choice of highly flexible fixing bracket, giving adjustment for height, depth and angle. Through this combination there is scope to block areas that may otherwise pose a hazard to children prone to getting their heads stuck beneath more conventional headrest designs.

Trunk Support

The Jenx waistcoat harness is a specific trunk harness in a range of sizes to work across the entire range of Jenx seating products. Providing firm and gentle trunk support to children with low tone, the Jenx waistcoat harness is easy for carers to use – made to attach, detach and flip away in seconds with a single hand. The zip is purposefully installed upside down, allowing access to abdominal feeding sites while maintaining good upper trunk control. A soft fabric surface against the child, with a wipe-clean front, make it both effective and practical for positioning support and for during feeding.

Pelvic Support

Pelvic stability is an absolute requirement in achieving good posture and function in a seated position. The Multiseat’s combination of contoured seat with memory foam seat pad, independently adjustable lumbar/sacral support, a 4 point lapstrap and fully adjustable hip pads all available as standard provide optimal pelvic control. Plus the optional ischial bar will help prevent those very floppy or very active users from slipping into sacral sitting.

Foot Support

The Multiseat can be used with or without a footpost and footplate. For users with the need to support the feet, the angle adjustable footpost is perfect to accommodate fixed knee flexion or tight hamstrings. It can also be used to give an extra stretch where needed, and even to facilitate prone sitting and/or to help break tonal or extensor patterns. Use the footplate to accommodate or encourage dorsi or plantar flexion by adjusting quickly and simply with the turn of a button.

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