Jenx Dreama Sleep System

Pressure reducing mattress and posture support system combined, suitable for children and adults

Night-time positioning should be of the same high quality as day time positioning. The importance of 24 hour positioning has become widely recognised over the last few years, as the continuation of good positioning throughout the day and night promotes improved skeletal development and better quality of life. Current thinking is that neglecting proper night-time positioning will take away from the benefits of any postural support given during the waking hours.
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Dreama is a key part of any 24 hour postural management programme. Recognising that abnormal and posturally destructive tone is present 24/7, the Dreama system follows on from support offered by conventional positioning. Utilising a variety of available support pads, the system can be configured to support even the most complex of postures.

Supporting at risk limbs and reducing tonal spasms, the Dreama contributes towards more recuperative periods of rest, which in turn has a positive contribution towards minimising the risk of muscular skeletal deformity. Dreama can be used as a preventative system or to reduce the risk of further postural deterioration, and is therefore appropriate for any age.

Custom Profiles

The flexible aluminium base contours to create the lying surface of choice for each user, whether it’s achieved by placing the base of Dreama™ on a profiling bed or using rolls, wedges or cushions. This means it can be used for a range of different user requirements in a variety of environments (home, care homes, support centres etc.).

Modular Cushions

Each modular mattress cushion is 15cms (6”) deep and upholstered in fire-retardant, water resistant, 2-way stretch, antibacterial fabric for infection control, as well as being breathable. The spaces between cushions allow airflow, helping to maintain a comfortable temperature. The individual cushions enable specific areas to be cleaned easily during the night with minimum disturbance.

Individual Covers

Individual covers mean any that are soiled can be removed and replaced without the need to remove the user from their bed, minimising sleep disruption and the need for assisted transfers.

Customisable and Configurable Positioning

Hundreds of individual specifications can be configured, specific to the user’s needs. The extensive range of positioning options is possible because of the innovative modular mattress. The supports slide easily into channels between the individual cushions. There are 16 available channels for the supports meaning that you can achieve exactly the position required.
The supports are made entirely out of plastic and PU, plus the heads of the support pads also rotate, allowing you to further customize the support. Hoops , T- Rolls, and side lying supports are also available.

Glide-lock™ System

The unique Glide-lock™ system makes positioning simple. The base of the pad is inserted in to the channel on the base and the pad is gently pushed in to place. Once in place, simply let go and pushing on the pad won’t cause it to move. To remove the pad, simply hold it and carefully slide it out. There are also ‘Stops’, which can be screwed into place within the channels (they are removable and reusable) either to mark the place a pad should go (making it easier for carers to position a user) or to put behind the pad to prevent users with strong repetitive movements from gradually ‘walking’ the pad out of place during the night.

Quick and Simple Assembly

Dreama can be assembled within a few minutes, with the cushions clipping into place via integral clips. Configurations can be changed easily without disturbing the user. Supports can be adjusted or the position changed completely with the user still in bed, even asleep! This means there is no need to wake up a user when turning them during the night.

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