The Glide Series 2 Leisure folding wheelchair is designed for active users who require a lightweight chair that is reliable and durable. This manual wheelchair has a modular frame to allow for changes in the users condition or posture. The Glide Series 2 is a lightweight aluminium wheelchair with swingaway footplates, the Glide Series 2 Leisure doesn't include armrests as standard although they can be added.

Colour your glide


  • Silver Shadow
  • Horizon Blue (Light Blue)
  • Outback Red
  • Emerald Green (Dark Green)
  • Lemon Gold
  • Merlot (Dark Red)
  • Acid Green Metallic
  • Vivid Orchid (Purple)
  • Firestorm Red
  • Island Blue (Dark Blue)
  • Samurai Sunset (Orange)
  • Electric Blue
  • Gloss white
  • Black Onyx
  • Fluro Pink
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