Glide Centro XT Powerchair

Product Code: GCXP

The Glide Centro XT electric wheelchair is an extreme terrain power chair designed for users who enjoy off pavement driving.

Centro-XT Extreme Terrain
The all new Centro-XT is an Extreme Terrain power chair designed for users who enjoy off pavement driving. The XT is based on a standard Centro and fitted with low pressure wide knobby Drive tyres and 9″ front castors. It still maintains most of the features of the standard Centro and can be scripted to suit individual clients. Like the standard Centro, the XT is manufactured in Australia giving users long term backup and service.

The XT is not a 4 x 4 wheelchair but is designed for improved driveability for semi grassed and hard off road tracks. The XT is not suitable for soft sand or beach environment.

New: Centro-XT now available with Optional 9″ rear castor

Active Pozi-Trak drive system. (APT)
APT is a unique suspension system patented by Glide and was developed to enhance the performance of its latest Mid Wheel Drive wheelchair. The APT system is a three functional operation which increases traction on the Drive Wheels, aids with Kerb Climbing and acts as an Anti-Pitch device. The suspension system also eliminates nose dive when descending road side kerbs.
The drive wheels are set positive meaning when the wheelchair is on a level ground a preload of up to 20kg (depending on spring set up type) is on each drive wheel. This unique system greatly improves traction for driving and braking. It also performs extremely well in emergency downhill braking.
This system is a very low maintenance system and has eliminated the need for complex moving parts that need constant servicing or adjustments. Also, with the combination of varying spring set ups, your wheelchair can be fined tuned to suit your driving preference.

e.g. Biased for more traction or increased kerb climbing ability.

SAFTEY – Centro – Crash tested to AS 3696:19 and Full compliance AS 3695 175kg

Colour your centro


Power Base type with easily removable seating module.
50 degree seat tilt standard.
Available in Adult and Paediatric versions.
Motors – High quality German 4 Pole High torque.
Low seat height (46cm at 0 degrees).
Optional lower seat height 43cm.
65 – 70 amp/hr Batteries capabilities. (Amp/hr ratings varies between brand)
Vehicle Tie Down points.
Low maintenance with easily accessible electronics.
Turn Circle between walls 1200mm (Average set up 46cm SD x 46cm SW). 8″ rear castor
80mm kerb climbing ability.
80mm Ground clearance.
Max Ramp Incline/Decline 12° (as per AS3695 testing)
Optional Anterior Tilt.
Optional 300mm Vertical Lift seat with 49cm seat height. (see photo gallery below)
Glide”s all new seating system for Centro.
Compatibility to most Proprietary Seating systems on the market.
Plus all the standard options offered with our range.

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