Amylior Alltrack P3


THE ALLTRACK P3 (MWD version) HAS THE CAPABILITY AND DURABILITY OF OUR FULL-SIZE M3 BUT CAN BE CONFIGURED WITH SMALLER USERS IN MIND. Built on our proven and tough M3 base, the Alltrack P3 Mid-Wheel Drive (MWD) is designed to give children the capability to explore and thrive, keeping up with whatever comes their way. Our patented dual-action suspension is uniquely configured for lighter users providing the full benefit of the design for optimal stability, vibration dampening, performance and comfort.  

This P3 base is configured to provide more compact base widths without sacrificing battery sizes to ensure they always have enough power to enjoy a full day. The compact, midwheel drive design provides excellent maneuverability and intuitive driving while boasting a full complement of power positioning options.


  • Patented Dual-Action Suspension: Fully independent 6-wheel interactive suspension with vertical shock absorption tuned for lighter users
  • 4-pole German motors provide a smooth, responsive ride with speeds up to 6.5 mph
  • Versatile and compact for indoor and outdoor activities
  • Full complement of R-net electronics, specialty controls and Smart-Track available
  • Wide array of power positioning available including 11” of seat elevate and ability to drive while elevated
  • Base widths as narrow as 23.375” without sacrificing battery size or capability
  • Seat to floor height as low as 15.5” 
  • Seat sizes: 11” x 11” adjustable to 16” x 16” with larger and combined ranges available up to 20″ wide and 19″ deep

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