Freedom to ride

We strongly believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to participate in activities and experience the joy of cycling. With the Hop trike, individuals with physical disabilities can now join in too.

This trike has been specifically designed to be adjustable and supportive, allowing it to be tailored to meet the specific needs of each individual. As a result, the Hop trike provides a unique opportunity for children and adults to experience the thrill of riding a bike and be included in such activities

Why the Hop?

The Hop is a lightweight bike made with durable aluminum frame, which makes it easy to manoeuvre and control. The Hop is equipped with a chain guard, fenders, and a kickstand, which provide added safety and convenience for both the user and the carer.


  • Lowered frame profile
  • height and angle adjustable handle
  • Shimano hardware
  • 7 speed derailleur
  • Front wheel shock absorber
  • Basket
  • Led & reflective lighting
  • Available with power assist
  • Foot mounting platforms
  • Various shapes of handlebars and saddles
  • Handle with a brake and the function of changing the direction of travel
  • A wide set of accessories for trunk stabilisation