Rifton Tram

I am your Rifton brand transfer and mobility aid, and a real all-rounder!

I unite three functions in one aid: I can easily execute seat transfers, bring you into standing position or support you when walking. Using my innovative support system and padded torso guide, I can adapt to any situation and offer you support and security at all times. That’s practical, isn’t it?
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What tram. can do:

  • For more options:
    Three functions in one device: Lifter, standing aid, wheeled walker; base frame available in two versions
  • For more support:
    The body support system stabilises and secures the patient; leg straps assist in the transfer; the telescopic lifting column assists with standing up or walking
  • For simple handling:
    The leg expander brings the base frame into an abducted position in order to facilitate lifting in or out of wide wheelchairs
  • For easy transfer:
    Push bar; dual castors ensure stability; optionally with smaller castors: The low design of the basic model is perfect for objects such as patient beds, which can be rolled under at low heights
  • For extra comfort:
    Scales weigh the support for the body’s weight when walking/standing
  • For quick use:
    Coloured clips help you to quickly and easily find the right adjustments for the respective patient, so that the metal rings of the leg straps or groin strap can be easily hooked in

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