Corzo Xcountry Stroller

I am your foldable rehab buggy.

I am extremely sturdy and of a very high quality. I am available in four different sizes, meaning that I can easily lift up to 75 kg. So that you can sit really comfortably, you can adapt the seat depth, back height and back angle precisely to your requirements. And did you know that I am very easy to stow away? Using my special 3D folding mechanism, you can fold me up so small that I can fit in everywhere.
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What corzo xcountry. can do: 

  • For more variety:
    With great accessories: Fixation vest and foot support
  • For more individuality:
    The back can be individually adjusted in height and in angle; the seat can be adjusted in depth
  • For easy transport:
    3D folding mechanism
  • For an individual design:
    Frame available in four different sizes
  • For every occasion:
    Tyres suitable for inside and outside use

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