You are unique, which is why we believe your wheelchair should be too! We offer wheelchairs that can be custom made to your individual lifestyle to suit your everyday needs, offering the perfect solution to fit with your circumstances. As a leading supplier of wheelchairs, we offer a wide range of safe and reliable wheelchairs, including: – Manual wheelchairs – Lightweight wheelchairs – Carbon fibre wheelchairs – Tilt in space wheelchairs – Electric wheelchairs – Plus much more! And don’t forget that all of our wheelchair seating options range from the most simple seating solutions to the most complex. At Active Rehab we understand that finding the perfect wheelchair can sometimes seem like a daunting task, we are here to help you find the perfect wheelchair to suit your unique lifestyle!


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Quickie M6 Heavy Duty Wheelchair

The ideal solution for bariatric clients weighing up to 295 kg and a seat width up to 75 cm The Quickie® M6 is a Bariatric wheelchair with a weight capacity of 295 kg. The Quickie M6 is made of high strength steel and weighs approximately 24 kg, 26″ x 20″ with pneumatics and hangers. It`s modelled on the Q2, offering function and style options uncommon in a bariatric chair.

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Quickie Iris

The superior standard for rotation-in-space wheelchair technology The ultimate tilt-in-space wheelchair, the Quickie® IRIS™ features up to 55° of Intelligent Rotation in Space Technology, the broadest range of positioning and caregiver options, numerous adjustments, and it’s one of the lightest tilt-in-space wheelchairs available on the market.

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Quickie Krypton R

The lightest fully adjustable wheelchair. We knew the next generation demanded something special. With the most advanced engineering, the most beautiful design and the finest materials. The QUICKIE Krypton R is one of our lightest, fully adjustable rigid wheelchair. We didn’t compromise. There was only one material we could use to achieve this level of performance – aerospace engineered carbon fibre. The result is a phenomenal rigidity and razor-sharp agility packed into a fully adjustable wheelchair concept.

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Glide Power Assist System

The Glide Power Assist System is designed to help you reach new levels of independence, operating like a manual wheelchair but with the assistance of a drive motor. The end result is a power assist wheelchair that has superior control over the steering and braking systems, maximising the user experience through facilitated access and ease of operation.The Glide Power Assist System is designed to help you reach new levels of independence and operates like a manual wheelchair but with the assistance of a drive motor.

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Quickie Xtender Power Assist System

Go the Distance…. Have the energy to go where you want to go! The Quickie® Xtender™ expands the range of mobility for manual wheelchair users by adding power assisted wheels to a manual frame. The Xtender increases your travel distance and propulsion efficiency and reduces overall fatigue while allowing you to maintain the look, control, and functionality of a manual wheelchair. Download product flyer HERE

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Quickie iXpress Power Assist System

All the convenience & transportability of a manual wheelchair. All the power & speed of a power wheelchair. The power you need…. The iXpress offers a high performing, reliable Power Add On System, turning a manual wheelchair into a compact and convienent powered solution. Whether you are going shopping, going to the movies or just hanging around with your family and friends the QUICKIE iXpress will truly extend life’s little pleasures.

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Alber Emotion Power Assist System

e-motion – the push rim activated add-on that takes the strain off The e-motion combines active mobility with therapeutic benefit. Even wheelchair drivers with limited arm and body strength can gain back their mobility with e-motion. The electric motors that are integrated in the wheel hubs effectively support the wheelchair user which has to put in much less effort to travel greater distances or slopes.

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Alber E-Fix Power Assist System

Turn your manual wheelchair into a compact electric wheelchair with the e-fix add-on drive. The drive can be individually programmed and can therefore be adapted perfectly to your personal needs. The electric add-on drive is the simple way to increase your freedom of movement. The e-fix also allows you to cover greater distances and handle slopes effortlessly.

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Quickie Z500 kids Paediatric

The Quickie Z500M Mini combines an ultra compact wheelchair with highly adjustable and customised seating. It’s a great choice to promote active kids who like to travel over rough terrain as well as navigate tight spaces.

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Ki Mobility Focus CR

The Ki Focus CR tilt in space wheelchair features the latest in tilt technology making mobility easier than ever. Download Flyer HERE

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Roho Quadtro High Profile

The Roho Quadtro Select High Profile Wheelchair Cushion offers shape fitting at the touch of a button when the user is seated.

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Roho Hybrid Elite Dual Compartment Cushion

The Roho Hybrid Elite Dual Compartment Wheelchair Cushion combines the skin protection and shape fitting of Roho Dry Floatation cushion with the stability of a contoured foam base.

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Live Life.

We believe that Active Rehab is a life-enabler. We help you to to live the life you want to live. This is our purpose, or reason for being. We are not just here to sell equipment, we are here to help you live your life.

“So happy with the service and support received from Kelvin and the team at Active Rehab! My son has the best chance of achieving all his goals now!”Jess Eastaugh – Parent

“Charlie is very excited to have her wheelchair. Thanks Active!”Charlie’s Mum

“I would recommend Active Rehab to anyone because of customer service, and products, that makes our son comfortable and secure.”Kara – Parent

Active Rehab have been WONDERFUL! Right from Kelvin helping with the trial, to Malcolm’s help with the final fit.Claire, Melbourne Victoria

“Harry was so excited to receive his little wave today. Zooming everywhere and cornering like a pro! Thanks Team!❤”Katie Bertram, Parent, Stawell

Attending a Zoom meeting for an equipment trial with Darryl. It worked super well using the tablet and phone with myself on the other end. The way I was shown around the equipment was great, felt like I was there. Thank you…Laura Kinnersly, Occupational therapist

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