Paediatric Walking Aids

Paediatric walking aids and crutches provide assistance to those children that need a little assistance with their daily walking, improving their life and independence. Our range of walkers and paediatric crutches will provide your child with the support they need to explore the world around them, whilst also helping their developmental needs. Furthermore a paediatric walking aid will also help to provide safe walking and improve their skill.


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Firefly Upsee

The mobility device changing people’s lives worldwide. Upsee is an upright mobility device designed to allow children with motor impairment to stand and move with the help of an adult.

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KidWalk is a paediatric walking aid allows children with severe disabilities to live out their exploratory spirit and play with other children without assistance.

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Nurmi Neo

The Nurmi Neo is a paediatric walking aid designed for everyday use at home or at school with a great turning circle.

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Dash Walker

The Dash Posterior Walker is a paediatric walking aid that encourages trunk extension and upright posture by support from behind.

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Flux walker

The Flux Walker is a paediatric walking aid that promotes natural walking through posterior support.

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Quadsticks are paediatric walking aids in the form of walking sticks with four point bases and positional handles. Quadsticks come in a pair Easy-grip handles are suited to small hands. Simple to use dual pin height adjustment. 4 point base.

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MyWay walker

MyWay is an upright movement device from Leckey, which is all about providing children with maximum opportunities for interaction, exploration and participation in a supported, upright position. Furthermore, MyWay’s open-frame design makes touching, feeling, participating and discovering easier, giving children more opportunities for development and learning. It also allows therapists to get close to the child and work with their lower limbs whilst they are in MyWay.  

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Rifton Pacer Gait Trainer

Rifton’s ingenious range of Pacers are dynamic and ready to go anywhere. The Pacer is a system comprising an upper frame with a choice of bases to accommodate clients with a broad range of abilities in a variety of settings. Everything about Rifton Pacers encourages progress for clients so nothing stands between them and the places they want to go.

Ormesa Grillo Walker

The Grillo Gait Trainer is a sturdy walking aid designed help the step pattern as well as help train the pelvis and keep the trunk balanced. It also helps organise a wider structured vision of space of distance in all surroundings.

Schuchmann Malte

I am your versatile posterior walking aid. I am always there for you – even from your first year of life. Walking is my biggest hobby. It doesn’t matter where you want to go; I will follow you. If you support yourself on my handles, you will quickly notice how I take on your body weight. In addition, my special abducted frame shape supports you so that you don’t swing outwards when walking. My pelvic pelotte pad ensures that you walk upright and straight. Cool, aren’t !?!

Schuchmann Malte Outdoor

I am your outdoor posterior walking aid. Just like my brother, I am always with you when you really want to get moving, and will offer you the best-possible support to do so. Thanks to my outdoor outfit, I am happiest outdoors, and am the perfect companion for a walk: my large wheels will roll along any surface and my drum and parking brakes provide additional security.

Schuchmann Marcy

I am your anterior walking aid, and will assist you in your very first attempts to walk. I can hardly wait to start off with you! I will support your balance and simultaneously train your torso musculature. You can adapt my wheelbase to suit: if you adjust it so that it is somewhat shorter, I become highly manoeuvrable and you can move me better. I give you more security and support with a long wheelbase. If you find it hard to walk in a straight line, I am happy to assist you with my direction locks.

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We believe that Active Rehab is a life-enabler. We help you to to live the life you want to live. This is our purpose, or reason for being. We are not just here to sell equipment, we are here to help you live your life.

“So happy with the service and support received from Kelvin and the team at Active Rehab! My son has the best chance of achieving all his goals now!”Jess Eastaugh – Parent

“Charlie is very excited to have her wheelchair. Thanks Active!”Charlie’s Mum

“I would recommend Active Rehab to anyone because of customer service, and products, that makes our son comfortable and secure.”Kara – Parent

Active Rehab have been WONDERFUL! Right from Kelvin helping with the trial, to Malcolm’s help with the final fit.Claire, Melbourne Victoria

“Harry was so excited to receive his little wave today. Zooming everywhere and cornering like a pro! Thanks Team!❤”Katie Bertram, Parent, Stawell

Attending a Zoom meeting for an equipment trial with Darryl. It worked super well using the tablet and phone with myself on the other end. The way I was shown around the equipment was great, felt like I was there. Thank you…Laura Kinnersly, Occupational therapist

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