Paediatric Standing Aids

Paediatric standing aids and standers are the perfect solution for children that need a little help while exploring the world. Our large range of standers will provide the assurance that your child is given the physical care and postural support they deserve, plus the crucial role in helping developmental needs and to make life easier.


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Jenx Supine Stander

The Supine Stander is a paediatric standing aid that offers robust support and safety for children standing in a supine position from 9 months of age onwards.

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Leckey Squiggles Standing System

The Squiggles Stander is a colourful, three-in-one paediatric standing aid that offers prone, upright and supine standing.

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Leckey Mygo Stander

The Mygo Stander is a three-in-one paediatric standing aid that offers prone, upright and supine standing for 4-14 year olds.

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Leckey Horizon Stander

The Horizon is available in three sizes, with the size 3 having been designed with the larger teen or adult client in mind. This has a maximum weight limit of 100kg (220lbs) as well as wider hip pad and chest lateral distances.

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Leckey Free Stander

The Free Stander is a robust paediatric standing aid designed for use in the classroom, therapy room or at home.

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Leckey Tot Stander

The Totstander is an easy to use, upright paediatric standing aid.

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Jenx Monkey Stander

A simple and highly adjustable standing system, that provides Prone to Upright positioning for children from 9 months to 4 years old. The Monkey has polyurethane support surfaces impregnated with antimicrobial agent and matching bright and friendly colours for the support pads.

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Jenx Multistander

The Multistander is a fully adjustable paediatric standing aid that provides upright, prone and supine positioning for infants and children aged up to 13 years.

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Jenx Standz Abduction Stander

Standz abduction standing system offers Prone and Supine abducted standing (of up to 60°). Standz is available with a full range of accessories to accommodate all users, and is suitable for children up to approximately 9 years old. Inspired by the clinical benefits of abducted standing we have worked closely with therapists from all over the world to ensure the perfect combination of clinical positioning with simplicity of use and are delighted to bring you Standz – our most versatile standing frame yet!

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Leckey Squiggles+ Stander

The new Squiggles+ Stander offers new, additional features to the extremely versatile three-in-one Squiggles Stander for children aged 1-5 years.

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