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Hands on workshops March & April

We all know that no two clients are the same. When it comes to equipment it can seem daunting as there is so much to
choose from, so many brands, so many different types of equipment, and so many accessories. It can be hard to know what
your client really needs to help improve their quality of life! That’s where we come in – We are here to help you find the best
solutions for your clients, so they can ‘Live Life’ to the full.

We have joined with the Medifab Clinical education team and created two different extensive courses covering clinical training and product knowledge on both Paediatric postural management, and 24 hour postural care.

Paediatric Postural Management; Assessment and intervention for daytime equipment

This intermediate and interactive full day workshop will provide attendees the opportunity to insight into the world of daytime postural support equipment, part of the 24-hour postural care approach for paediatric clients. We will overview how posture and motor control typically develop in babies and infants, and how understanding this can benefit our decision making when working with clients in clinical practice. With this knowledge, we will discuss the importance of systematic assessment in identifying a child’s individual needs, including specific considerations for both indoor seating and standing frame equipment selection. We will consider what benefits are available to children who use this equipment regularly and how to interpret this for report writing to ultimately access funding. Finally, we will also discuss how co-production with parents and caregivers can optimise the access a child has to their equipment including strategies to promote the best possible outcomes.

Throughout the day, up to date research and evidence-based resources which will be discussed and provided to support learning.

When: 30.03.2022

Where: 78 Beischer St East Bendigo 3550

24 Hour Postural Care: Clinical considerations for protection of body shape and promotion of function

This is a full day intermediate and interactive workshop exploring the 24-hour postural care approach and everything needed to use this in clinical practice with clients. Attendees will gain understanding for what forms this approach, who it is necessary for, and the health and wellbeing benefits that can be achieved through robust postural care. Further to this we will uncover the consequences of inadequate support, gaining an understanding for what “destructive postures” are and how they impact on health and function.

We will outline the main positions that must be addressed across day and night-time for this approach to be successful, including the specific assessment strategies required for systematic evaluation of client needs and equipment prescription. There will be opportunities to explore equipment options for each position, including selection criteria based on clinical presentation.

Up to date resources and research will be provided to attendees and used throughout the day to facilitate learning and discussion. 

We have two 24 hour Postural care workshops. See the dates and locations on the buttons below:

Specialist Wheelchair Tool Kit

This tool kit has a hard cover and is compact so perfect for therapists, or busy families on the go. If any adjustments are needed you have the tools you need right there. We have personally designed this tool kit so it includes the appropriate tools for most if not all wheelchairs, and special needs equipment.

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