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Donated GoTo Shop To Local Supermarket

Last week we donated a GoTo Shop shopping trolley to the Maiden Gully IGA supermarket.

 We decided to help out the community by gifting the trolley to a local supermarket to help families with special needs children. Now local special needs families in the Bendigo area have the same opportunity every child has to go shopping with their family. No more trying to push a wheelchair and trolley at the same time down the aisles. and no more having to get your child babysat while you run down to the shops. We know this trolley has the possibility to revolutionise the way families with special needs children shop.

The shop manager said ” We are extremely happy to be able to have this trolley available for use to families in our local community, and are very grateful for the donation by Active Rehab.”
Imogen’s mum was thrilled to know that the trolley is available at her local supermarket. she said ” It is so great to have this trolley set-up in the supermarket, makes shopping a lot easier.”
If anyone in Bendigo needs a trolley with support for their special needs child, Maiden Gully IGA is the place to shop!

These Trollies are used throughout supermarkets in both the UK and America, the special needs seat is designed and created by Firefly Friends based in Ireland in the UK.

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