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Covid-19 update

As the COVID-19 crisis continues, at Active Rehab safety is still our first priority. As an essential service, Active Rehab has full government support to continue to service you. However due to the Boarder closure, and until they are open again, we are unable to service NSW. That includes all our Albury, Moama, and Wagga clients along with the other areas in NSW we service. 

When attending our appointments, we assure you, we take all precautions:

  • Our equipment gets sanitized 
  • Social Distance wear possible
  • ware masks and appropriate PPE equipment.

We prefer to do appointments in a therapy clinic where possible as its a controlled environment, however are still happy to do home visits as long as: 

  • No family members have cold or flu symptoms, or been in contact with a suspected case of COVID. 
  • There is an open area where an appointment can be conducted with appropriate social distancing. A garage or large family/lounge area is fine. 

Please keep in mind:

  • You can secure your NDIS funding! We can process your orders more efficiently if we maintain our usual process of appointments, trials and quotes which are necessary for the funding of your equipment*.  
  • You can avoid delays! Holding back from trials or appointments will add unnecessary extensions on lead times for the delivery of your new equipment.
  • You have options! We are providing options for you to choose how you interact with us and ensure that everyone is safe. We are offering zoom appointments, where just the therapist joins through zoom while we go to the clients home. And full zoom appointments where, the client, therapist, us all join through zoom.

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