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Active Rehab Appointment Updates

During these unprecedented times we still remain committed to helping people “Live Life” to the fullest, and assisting those in need wherever possible. We continue to work hard to keep our staff, clients and therapists safe.

 Active Rehab is an essential service and has full government support to continue to serve you!

We are altering the way we work to ensure everyone is protected while we provide our ongoing service and deliveries.

YES We are still doing trials and product demonstrations

YES – We are still providing quotes for you to send to NDIS

YES – We are still building client equipment

YES – We are still delivering new equipment

YES – We are still doing service and repair work on your equipment  

What does this mean for you?

  • You can still secure your NDIS funding! We can process your orders more efficiently if we maintain our usual process of appointments, trials and quotes which are necessary for the funding of equipment
  • You can avoid delays! Holding back from trials or appointments will add unnecessary extensions on lead times for the delivery of new equipment.
  • You have options! We are providing options for you to choose how you interact with us and ensure that everyone is safe. 

Face to Face appointments

We will attend any Face to face appointment trial, remeasure, delivery, or service as long as you can answer the following questions:

  • All attendees are well. Nobody has cold or flu like symptoms
  • No attendees have been overseas in the last 14 days
  • No attendees have been in contact with someone with COVID-19 or a suspected case of COVID-19

We also ask that all appointments, where possible are held at a therapy clinic, or here at our own office in Bendigo for the safety of every attendee. Every case is different and we will assess every situation and make the relevant decision to ensure the appointment, where possible can go ahead. (For example, some families are self-isolating for their safety. We can make arrangements to work with them.) Just call our office to discuss the situation. We are happy to be flexible.   

Part Face to Face, Part video Conference

This is where the therapist is unable to attend the appointment, when our team member is still able to. We are happy to take responsibility to help the therapist to join the appointment through video conferencing.

Full Video Conference

In some situations, product overviews, product training and general consultations can take place with all attendees joining through zoom.

Equipment Demonstrations:
Your Specialist Product Consultant can live stream from our showroom so you can see the features and benefits of equipment.  In many cases, we can still produce a quote for you, so you can apply for funding.

We assure you

All of our staff, including product consultants will be cleared for good health before attending any appointments. Before every appointment they will be taking the necessary measures such as wearing gloves, and sanitising.   

All trial equipment is sanitised before every appointment with hospital grade disinfectant, so our equipment is safe to be handled by clients and therapists at the appointment.

Keeping healthy both physically and mentally is obviously the number one priority right now, and we are here to support you so please don’t hesitate to reach out. We are happy to answer any questions you may have and can assist you with the options outlined above. 

Call and chat to our staff on 03 5441 8966

Email [email protected]

download a PDF of this document HERE

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