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Active Rehab Activities

Here at Active Rehab our clients are our priority, we want you to stay safe and well during this challenging time. Whether you are a mum trying to home school, or a wheelchair user keeping indoors to stay safe.
Bear in mind that mental health is extremely important at this time. 
Below are some activity ideas for anyone to enjoy, while stuck at home.


Colouring in

Have a go at colouring in our picture of Pete and Molly in their wheelchairs. Click HERE to download it.We would love to see any completed colored pictures. if you would like to share your artwork send it to [email protected] with your postage address and we will send you one of our much loved active pens

Fun with cardboard boxes.

all kids love playing with cardboard boxes, there is so much you can do with them. make cubbies, build towers, decorate them, make a boat….the options are endless. Why not turn you little ones wheelchair into something fun like a tractor! all you need is a bit of creative thinking. See how you can dress up your wheelchair and have some fun! 
We would love to see your designs, if you would like to share them please email photos to [email protected]

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